Safe Communities Australia

Live at LibertyFest

Safe Communities Australia started in October 2014, as not-for-profit, non-party partisan, non-religious group opposing the approval of a local mosque. The core objective was to keep our community a safe place to live, work and raise a family which we saw ‘at risk’ from government legislation and a bureaucracy designed to silence dissent.

What had begun as a small conservative community group opposing local mosques and Sharia Law, is now a highly ‘politically motivated’ group recognizing the critical role of politics and law on our daily lives. Safe Communities engages in lobbying politicians, writing submissions, running petitions, holding large educational forums and working on special projects. Often portrayed in the media as a ‘far-right fringe group’, we nevertheless have achieved several significant milestones and gained the trust and respect of a number of key people!

Our members are all conservatives from many different backgrounds, countries and beliefs, but all are dedicated to preserving Australian values, defending our democracy, upholding the law and keeping this nation safe for future generations.

We believe in the power of working together with other like-minded groups to achieve positive outcomes for all.

Appearing on behalf of SCA will be Ron & Raewyn Hutchins.