Rod McGarvie

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Rod serves as the Queensland State Director of the Australian Conservatives.

He started his working life as a carpenter. Later joining the Australian Army as a Combat Engineer, during which time he was part of a Peacekeeping force in Namibia (South West Africa).

After his service in the Defence Force, he returned to Africa with his family where he and Cindy lived and worked for 12 years, much of which was as Executive Director of a language translation and literacy organisation in Uganda and Tanzania, leading a team of 200 international and African staff. Living and working in Africa gave Rod practical experience and shaped his thinking around a number of the hotly contested issues Australia faces today. Issues such as refugees, immigration, and foreign aid.

Greatly concerned by the direction Australian politics was heading, Rod returned to Australia in 2010 to run as the LNP candidate in the north Brisbane federal seat of Lilley, running again in 2013. However, after the LNP walked away from taking action on repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, along with their growing unsteadiness on the issue of traditional marriage, Rod felt he needed to find a party that better stood up for the foundational values and principles that have made this nation strong.

In 2016, Rod stood as the Lead Senate Candidate for Family First Queensland before assuming the role Queensland State Director of the Australian Conservatives.