Mark Hutchison

Live at LibertyFest!

Mark is a passionate humanitarian, businessman and father who has dedicated much of the last 10 years to building awareness for the catastrophic human rights crime of medical genocide in today’s China. From the perspective of building businesses with a communist country that deems him an enemy of the state, Mark can share first-hand experiences of the effects of a loss of liberty and the influence of communism in Australia.

Career entrepreneur and proud Western Australian, Mark grew up in country WA before moving to Perth where he has worked and built businesses in multiple industries, including horticulture, forestry, manufacturing, publishing, performing arts and the building industry.

Mark’s first big break came at the age of 27, when he built his first multi-million-dollar company “Bamboozle” from his living room with a mere $20,000. By 30, he had shaped Bamboozle to become a market leader in bamboo flooring. Mark is now putting that same energy into his latest creation – Lifewood – a luxury timber flooring business that manufactures and installs his own patented, designer timber flooring range.

Mark will share his unique journey from entrepreneurship and illness, to Falun Gong and health, to then the world of human rights advocacy with personal accounts along the way from the real threat of communism’s spread.

What is LibertyFest?

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