Dr Gary Johns

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Gary is Adjunct Professor at QUT Business School and a columnist for The Australian newspaper. He served in the House of Representatives and in the Keating Governments. He was an Associate Commissioner of the Commonwealth Productivity Commission.

Gary received the Centenary Medal and the Fulbright Professional Award in Australian-United States Alliance Studies, served at Georgetown University Washington DC. He was Senior Fellow Institute of Public Affairs, senior consultant ACIL Tasman, and Associate Professor at the Australian Catholic University.

From 1997 to 2006, he was a senior fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs as head of the Non-Government Organisations unit. He was awarded a PhD in political science in 2001 from the University of Queensland, in 2002 the Fulbright Professional Award in Australian-United States Alliance Studies, Georgetown University in Washington D. C., and in 2003 the Centenary Medal for ‘service to Australian society through the advancement of economic, social and political issues’.

He is a columnist for The Australian newspaper, the author of numerous papers and books: Waking up to Dreamtime., Aboriginal Self-determination. Connor Court (2011), Right Social Justice. Connor Court (2012), Really Dangerous Ideas. Connor Court (2013), Recognise What?, The Charity Ball,  Connor Court (2014) and No Contraception, No Dole.