Doug Hall

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Doug Hall is an Industry Development Specialist.  Trained as a botanist, plant biochemist and molecular biologist, he has spent the last 23 years exploring the challenges of industry development as an academic researcher, R&D consultant, and industry development professional working with a diverse range of businesses, industries, not-for-profits and government organisations.  Doug believes that the fusion of theory with real world experience is absolutely critical to developing pragmatic and feasible solutions.

Along his professional journey, he has acquired additional experience, perspectives and competency in strategic policy and advocacy, stakeholder engagement and management, the modern management ‘toolbox’ and public sector and not-for-profit governance.

While Industry Development Manager for Irrigation Australia and the Waste Management Association of Australia in Western Australia, Doug felt compelled to ask simple but deep questions about the nature of markets, ‘market failures’, and why governments and the public feel the need for non-market solutions for water and waste.  Pursuit of answers led to a wonderful discovery of Hayek, Buchanan, Coase, Friedman (and many others) and the seminal work on free market environmentalism by Terry Anderson and his colleagues at the Property and Environment Research Centre (PERC).

This personal professional and intellectual journey has led to Doug’s current role as Policy Director for Pastoral, Property Rights and Resources at the Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA (PGA; a rare industry peak body that openly espouses free markets, property rights and liberty).  Doug’s daily companions are Hayek, Coase and Buchanan in the development of policies that challenge the prevailing paradigm of increasing government intervention in the market place.

What is LibertyFest?

A massive 2 Day free-thinking conference, bringing in speakers from all over Australia to present and discuss genuinely dangerous and disruptive ideas, the idea that “all men (and women) are born equal”, and the consequences that flow from that.

This conference features nationally recognised speakers, who are experts in their field, ready to provide their insight on a vast array of ideas like:

  • Free speech
  • Political Correctness
  • Climate change
  • Indigenous affairs
  • Democracy & Politics
  • Economics
  • And Much More…

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