Corrine Barraclough

Live at LibertyFest

Corrine Barraclough is a journalist with nearly twenty year’s experience on
national magazines and newspapers. She started her career as a real life
writer on women’s magazines before getting swept up in a whirlwind of
celebrity and entertainment journalism. She worked in London, New York and was editor of celebrity weekly NW in Sydney. Calling time on a career that had glistened with celebrities, red carpets and giddy after parties, she joined the real world. She now lives on the Gold Coast, writes freelance and has her work/life balance in check.

Corrine will speak on ‘Walking Away From the Egotistical Media Pack’

“If someone had asked me three years ago if I was a feminist, I would have said yes. Why? Because I’m a woman and I passionately believe in equality. How little I knew – and what a journey it’s been.”

Graduated fresh from Uni? Want to work in the media? Excellent, you are
perfectly malleable. You are perfectly primed to step into the media
brainwashing pack and follow the herd.

Be warned, you may emerge twenty years later with a glittering CV, awards to your name and air miles to be proud of, but you will have no idea who you are or what you stand for. Becoming the brand of self, rather than a walking, talking magazine brand is a confronting challenge. Then the ‘aha moments’ arrive – and keep on coming. Watching the way the media works becomes a spectator sport.