Andrew Cooper

Live at LibertyFest

LibertyWorks President

Andrew is the founder and president of LibertyWorks, a not-for-profit do-tank advocating classical liberal values and policies and host of LibertyFest.

He personally subscribes to the credo “live and let live” and believes people should be free to live their lives in any manner they wish provided they do not affect others ability to also do the same. He is convinced that it’s our freedom of choice that lies at the heart of not only economic success but personal fulfilment and meaning.

Andrew studied business at the Queensland University of Technology, is a past president of Entrepreneurs Organisation Brisbane and a director or investor in commercial property and IT startup companies.

He’s also an avid microlender/donor to third-world businesses through kiva.org, a not for profit organisation that empowers small third-world entrepreneurs with interest-free microloans.

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