Wendy Francis

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Christian ethics campaigner

Wendy is the Queensland director of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). The ACL is a not for profit organisation that wants “Christian principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate as a society. We want Australia to become a more just and compassionate nation.”

Wendy’s political interests before joining ACL in January 2011 included her running as the lead Senate candidate in Queensland for the Family First Party in the 2010 Federal election. She created controversy when she was accused of comparing same-sex marriage to the stolen generations and to “legalising child abuse”.

She has also received abuse over her support of changes in surrogacy laws to exclude same sex couples and single people. In July 2015, Wendy lodged a petition with the Queensland parliament complaining about the Safe Schools program. The petition incorporated wording from a Safe Schools student resource, OMG I’m Queer, intended for children aged 11 and up. However, the Clerk of the Parliament would not permit the wording on Queensland Parliament’s website because of the “intemperate” language. The 10,891-signature, a petition was subsequently tabled with the “intemperate” wording censored.

Wendy has campaigned against the liberalisation of abortion laws in Queensland. In lobbying against ‘gender selection’, Francis has said that eliminating human life in its early stages for being the wrong sex, is sex discrimination. She has said that for Australian to use its foreign aid program to finance abortion in developing countries. which are culturally opposed to abortion, is a form of “colonialism”