Graham Young

Live at LibertyFest

Graham is Executive Director of the Australian Institute for Progress, an Australian centre-right think tank based in Brisbane. In 1999 he established Australia’s first online-only political journal On Line Opinion and in 2001 he pioneered online polling for qualitative research in Australia as a data-driven journalism project.

He is a well-known political commentator, discussing state politics each Monday morning with Steve Austin on ABC Radio Brisbane and was one of the few to predict that Labor would win the last state election. His political knowledge is drawn from 40 years involvement in Australian politics at various levels. He was State Vice-President and Campaign Chairman of the Queensland Liberal Party in the 90s, and is credited with the strategy that saw the Borbidge government elected in 1996.

At university he gained a BA with honours in English Literature and completed half a law degree before becoming involved in finance, and then property development.