Dr John Humphreys

Live at LibertyFest

John Humphreys is an economist who has worked in academia, government, consulting, and think tanks. He has a PhD from the University of Queensland, and was a sessional lecturer there from 2014-15, before moving to Cambodia. Previous employers include the Australian Treasury, Centre for International Economics (including consulting jobs for the World Bank and ASEAN), the Centre for Independent Studies, and the Swiss-based University of Business and International Studies. 
John has published peer-reviewed articles, books, and book chapters on topics such as education, tax & welfare, international trade, political economics, and public finance. In addition to his economics career, John has also been active within civil society. He founded the Australian Libertarian Society (2000) and the Liberal Democrats (2001) and co-founded the Friedman Conference (2013) and Australian Liberty Awards (2014). He has also served as an Executive Director for the Economic Society of Australia in Queensland, Deputy Director of the Australian Taxpayers Alliance, board member of the UQ Senate, and director of the Circle Project charity. He is also a qualified Justice of the Peace, scuba Dive Master, and recreational pilot.
Since moving to Cambodia, John continued to work on his education charity called the Human Capital Project (HCP), lectured at Zaman University and the Royal University of Law and Economics, and also launched a research institute called the Professional Research Institute for Management and Economics (PRIME).
In 2016 John was awarded a knighthood in the Cambodian Royal Order of Moniseraphon for his contributions to education. In early 2017, PRIME officially became the research department of the University of Management and Economics: Kampong Cham (UME-KPC), where John now holds the title of Research Director.
John is flying back to Australia in October specifically so that he can speak at the inaugural LibertyFest Brisbane event.