LibertyFest conferences are free-thinking speaker and entertainment events operated by LibertyWorks, a not-for-profit organisation, and its sponsors and partners.

LibertyFest is for everyone who believes that our basic freedoms are under threat from authoritarians and big government. And that the removal of those freedoms makes it more difficult to flourish, to grow, to earn and to truly live life. It’s for people that believe in the rights of the individual over the state. It’s for people… just like you!

They are full of genuinely dangerous and disruptive ideas with perhaps the most disruptive idea in the world being that “all men (and women) are born equal”, and the consequences that flow from that. Each conference features speakers who are intellectual and original thinkers exploring a vast array of areas like free speech, climate change, indigenous affairs, democracy and economics.

Please join our tribe at LibertyFest, the liberty movement embraces the like-minded and the freedom curious alike.

You can see some photos of our last conference here or view the Brisbane 18 speaker schedule here.

If you wish to discuss ticketing, sponsorship or partnering arrangements please contact:

Andrew Cooper
Conference Director
[email protected]
0408 224 555

  • Next LibertyFest LibertyFest in the West, Perth, 12th to 14th March 2020
  • What is it? Liberty Conferences - fun events for those that want to keep our freedoms away from authoritarians and big government.
  • Attending Each conference has a cap on the number of passes available. If you're interested in attending, best to get in quick!
  • 20+ Speakers Multiple speakers across politics, academia, media and economics.